Social Media Project

My vision is to create/add on to my cats Instagram page. I want to document his journey through his eyes into harness training. Harness training has a lot of benefits for cats; get out energy, perfect exercise, fills their instinctual needs. Since my cat is fat, I figured this is the best way to get him to exercise more with lots of benefits.

The platform I am using will be Instagram because he already has followers and I might be able to gain more because he is a cutie. Because it is a process, I will be anticipating posting daily to make progress in his adjustment to the harness as it must be done in steps.

Each Instagram post will elaborate on what I have done today, for example the first step in harness introduction is to leave it where they can see it and smell it which would lead to me taking a picture of Louie and his harness daily to show his progress all the way to the end goal of being able to walk him.

I want to get more of my friends to follow his Instagram to gain popularity over time.

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