Mini Project ideas:

I was really liking the idea of creating an artists book. Since my general theme of writing revolves around morbid ideas/topics I want to write 2 sentence horror stories revolving around urban legends. I like the idea of 2 sentence horror stories because they leave so much up to the imagination by interpretation. In my opinion it says more by saying less because it is so mentally engaging. An example of my idea is I would use something like the ‘Rake’ a tall aloof humanoid creature, and write something similar too “At night I watch you from afar. Tonight I will be close” with visual of this creature staring from the bars of a window at night. I plan to use photoshop to my best ability in creating this picture, so I may print it and put it on to black construction paper. I want the final product to look like a witches book you would find in an antique store.

As far as podcasting, I may play around with the idea of me and my friend talking about paranormal experiences we have. We have been to abandoned trolley yards and have managed to take a photograph of a ghost, and I kind of want to talk about that because i think the bizarre is usually the most interesting topic.

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