Homework 1

I chose page 41 on the pdf. I chose this because I am a person who reflects highly on the past and sometimes I let it decide my future decisions. The visual space was compelling to me because in the windshield shows the future and innovation, but the rearview mirror reflects the past. Visually I thought it made a lot of sense, and I understood what it was representing before reading the actual text. The typography is faint and dainty in the bottom, making the image more of the core value of this page.

On the top of the second page he says “We look at the present through a rear-view mirror. We march backwards into the future.” That resonated with me because I can personally relate to it, as I can bet most people would as well. To me I think it means our past very much shapes our future as we often refer to our past when living in the present. I believe the image and the text work well together. The image is a great visual descriptor of the message conveyed by the text.

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