Final Broadside

As every college student ever, I chose to do something I thought would be easy. We’re all trying to cut ourselves some slack, but just as it always goes what you pick is never easy. I wanted to continue on my horror related theme by composing some broadsides that were also two sentence horror stories. Horror isn’t just blood, gore and jump scares (Okay, maybe it is but-) it’s about the atmosphere, the feeling you perceive from what you view. That’s be beauty about creating something, you get to create a feeling. That’s the beauty about written language because it’s just words on a page until someone picks them up and then gives those words meaning.

I used InDesign to create my broadsides, after using photoshop for my last project, I decided to say “see ya, sis” and move on to something better. My biggest problem with this project, wasn’t adding words to a picture, but creating a feeling of inner dread when you go back and this about the words. I am very proud of what I accomplished and didn’t run into any major issues except for motivation. These are my final images!

The first image I placed the face into the center of the eye to create the effect of looking into someones inner fears.

In this image, I cropped in the face and ran into a few problems with shading and making sure the light on the hood was also on the face in the hood, and making it look like the hood was in the actually on the head. They saying was not original, although I thought it fit really well and did not think it was a trade marked saying, or anything like that.

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