Class thoughts so far

Finding the right background for my broadside was extremely hard. harder than I anticipated it being, I had the perfect background and a nice rose only to find out the link to my background was broken so I had to find another one (which took hours.) It was tough finding a background that still looked like rain, yet wasn’t distracting from the words along with the rose. I feel as though my end product was really nice, and I am proud of what I have accomplished.

The twine assignment looks that it’s going to be hard too, but sometimes I enjoy a new challenge. What is also going to be personal challenging is that this time of year is always hard for me because it brings back memories of being stalked by my crazy ex my freshman year. (Situation was resolved with help of UP.) I just have to pick myself up and inspire myself to do good and not let myself get behind.

I have an idea for twine that I want to run through the morning of a college student, making decisions on a day to day basis and what we all struggle with i.e. hitting the snooze button, making it to class on time, getting that shower that you didn’t want to take. Although so it isn’t boring I want to add some drama in like good karma and bad karma. For example, I want to do a scenario where you see someone drop a $20, but if you decide to keep it you will get bad luck, and if you give to to the person something good happens your way. I definitely need to brain storm more to get a better concrete idea, but I’m willing to roll with the punches until I get a better finished result

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