Artists Book

Here is “Tales for the Twisted” I had to get pretty creative due to the fact I forgot I didn’t have a working printer until Sunday night, so I had to go home to complete this project. I had this vision of including the text in my images, but as it turns out some things didn’t fit or didn’t look right or I had lack of printer ink, so I had to improvise. I included the text in the next page in block form, I envisioned it like in movies when serial killers would send letters to the police they used clippings from newspapers to form a sentence. I wanted this book to look old and used (for good or for evil?? you’ll find out). Since my topic was scary, I wanted it to look like it was in a horror story. This is what I had completed! I’m pretty proud of the end result. I had to use tape as the binding due to lack of money and resources, but I had sewn the pages together and closer to the title pages. Rumor has it, this book was found in a cabin in the woods.

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